The Importance of Quality Air These Days

In a previous post, we wrote that the Wall Street Journal discovered that only about half of all hotels provide air that's adequately clean. ("Don't Inhale: Hotel Air Quality Becomes an Issue With Clients")

If Covid-19 forces you to spend months in an apartment, the quality of the air you breathe is essential, especially these days. In our condos at Miami Vacation Rentals, you will always be receiving fresh air from the ocean, or at least you will be high up, away from the traffic and very close to the sea. If you are an "Essential Lodger," you can enjoy a home away from home, with all the equipment you need to cook, store your things, and always a short walk away from the supermarket. Say good-bye to allergies, headaches, and fatigue and open your large windows when you arrive in one of our condos.