When Paying at the Restaurant, Keep your Credit Card on Sight

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When you travel to Europe or many other countries, the waitress comes to your table and does the whole transaction in front of you. The tools for this aren’t expensive.

In the US, the server takes your card and returns it with a receipt. Ken Givens, from US Merchant Payment Solutions says “the U.S. only accounts for a quarter of the world’s credit card use, but is the home to almost half of the world’s credit card fraud. One way fraud happens is when your card leaves your sight.”

You should consider that anytime you card is out of sight, you run the risk of unscrupulous people taking your credit card number and stealing your identity. Some organized schemes have been reported. Click HERE for a sample. 

We, at Miami Vacation Rentals, want your next trip to be a trouble-free one. When paying at a restaurant, ask the waiter to swipe your card at the table. If not possible, walk with him to the point-of-sale device. Also, talk to the manager and express your frustration. Old habits die hard, and we consumers must push restaurants to adopt the pay-at-the-table habits of the XXI century, standard in less developed countries.