Racism: 1968 vs. 2020

The Economist started an article with this excellent introduction: "One hundred thousand Americans are dead from a virus. A feat of space flight demonstrates American ingenuity. In cities across the country, protests sparked by racial injustice are showing an ugly side of America to the world. The year is 1968. It is also 2020." The inferred question would be: Are we genuinely dismantling racism?

George Floyd's death has sparked outrage throughout our great nation. Racism is a series of social responses that maintain and justifies discrimination. Some people may say, "it isn't my problem," but a society that cannot move forward together will sooner or later trip on its poor policies.

We, at Miami Vacation Rentals, believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Our team is multicultural and multiracial, and our clients come from all cardinal points. Our investors could not be more plural. The company's principal shareholders, Natalia and Fernando, have lived on four continents and believe diversity and fair play are best for all of us, also for businesses.

Martin Luther King said words we have often repeated to ourselves and our team: "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."
Let's all evolve so that in 50 years, we can talk about our next feat of space flight but not again about racism.