Is Miami A Good Family Vacation Destination?

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After a year of being cooped up due to the Coronavirus quarantine, most of us – especially kids – are starting to go stir crazy! Luckily, the warm weather and abundance of safe, fun, outdoor attractions here in South Florida makes Miami the ideal place for a family vacation!

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Racism: 1968 vs. 2020

The Economist started an article with this excellent introduction: "One hundred thousand Americans are dead from a virus. A feat of space flight demonstrates American ingenuity. In cities across the country, protests sparked by racial injustice are showing an ugly side of America to the world. The year is 1968. It is also 2020." The inferred question would be: Are we genuinely dismantling racism?

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We Are Now Open and You Are Safe With Us

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We are pleased to announce that as of June 5th, 2020, all our properties are now open for vacation rentals. Over 50% of our guests are repeat ones, and we are sure they are looking forward to returning to the stunning Miami Vacation Rentals’ apartments.

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